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  • 100% of the graduation exam is multiple-choice.
  • It is generally written on the eleventh-grade level. (The first graduation exam, given in Alabama in 1983, tested basic knowledge and was on a sixth-grade level. It was later revised to an eighth / ninth-grade level in 1991.)
  • It requires students to demonstrate what they have learned in required high school core course work and emphasizes logic, problem solving, and other thinking skills.
  • The reading section requires students to read and comprehend articles, poems, editorials, manuals, and other similar materials.
  • The language section focuses on grammar skills, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, and organizational skills for writing.
  • Most of the math section contains questions about basic Algebra I skills. It also covers some pre-geometry taught in grades seven and eight.
  • Most of the science section includes biology questions. The rest is physical science taught in grades seven, eight, and nine.
  • The Class of 2001 was required to pass the reading and language sections of the exam.
  • The Class of 2002 was required to pass the reading, language, mathematics, and science sections.
  • A social studies section, dealing with US. History, will be required beginning with the Class of 2004.
  • Beginning fall 2005 administration, all students will have to pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, Third Edition.

Everything above is the direct result of the hard work of Susan Hayes, Principal in the Hartselle City School System.  Thank You!