CCBOE High School Math Tournament

The 2022 Cullman County High School Math Tournament was held Friday, March 18. Awards were given to the top 10 students with the highest math test scores in each division. The top three teams were also awarded in each division. West Point High walked away with the Grand Champion award, which goes to the school with the highest overall average score.

Geometry Individual Awards

Geometry Top 10

Seated left to right: Eli Taylor/West Point (1st), Silas Baty/West Point (2nd), Brock Wooten/Good Hope (3rd), Aaiden Jones/West Point (4th), Xander Grazer/Holly Pond (5th)

Standing left to right: Kira Kuznyetsova/West Point (6th), Emma Elliot/Good Hope (7th), Dalton Pirkle/Hanceville (8th), Hank Hudson/Good Hope (9th), Kyrian Grazer/Holly Pond (10th)

Algebra II Individual Awards

Algebra II Top 10

Seated left to right: Ryan Hancock/West Point (1st), Logan Lisle/Hanceville (2nd), TJ Brown/West Point (3rd), Chase Blackwood/West Point (4th), Avery Flynt/Good Hope (5th)

Standing left to right: Brooke Lynn/West Point (6th), Isaiah Boyd/Vinemont (7th), Maggie Burks/Vinemont (8th), Wesley Shadix/West Point (9th), Crimson Wright/Fairview (10th)

Comprehensive Individual Awards

Comprehensive Top 10

Seated left to right: Lauren Hancock/Good Hope (1st), Jared Smith/West Point (2nd), Camden Phillips/Good Hope (3rd), Anna Martin/Good Hope (4th), Heidi Nichols/Cold Springs (5th)

Standing left to right: Jacob Littrell/West Point (6th), Tayler White/West Point (7th), Zach Campbell/Hanceville (8th), Ivan Conway/Hanceville (9th), AJ Stephens/Hanceville (10th)

Grand Champion: West Point

West Point Grand Champions

Geometry 1st Place: West Point

West Point Geometry

Geometry 2nd Place: Holly Pond

Holly Pond Geometry

Geometry 3rd Place: Good Hope

Good Hope Geometry

Algebra II 1st Place: West Point

West Point Algebra II

Algebra II 2nd Place: Vinemont

Vinemont Algebra II

Algebra II 3rd Place: Good Hope

Good Hope Algebra II

Comprehensive 1st Place: Good Hope

Good Hope Comprehensive

Comprehensive 2nd Place: West Point

West Point Comprehensive

Comprehensive 3rd Place: Hanceville

Hanceville Comprehensive