Ed Roberson, CSFO;  Dr. Shane Barnette, Superintendent, Commission Chairman Jeff Clemons,  John Bullard, County Administrator

Cullman County Schools this week received the first disbursement of online sales tax revenue following the approval of a revenue sharing agreement between the school system and the Cullman County Commission. Funds from the agreement will be used to upgrade school facilities and improve safety and security.

The Simplified Sellers Use Tax, or SSUT, is revenue generated by the sale of goods online. As of January 1, 2019, the tax collection became a requirement for certain out-of-state online sellers. Cullman County School Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette worked with Commission Chairman Jeff Clemons and others to reach this revenue sharing agreement. The Commission unanimously approved the agreement at its May 17, 2022 meeting.

This is not a new tax. It was already being collected and distributed to the Cullman County Commission. Per terms of the agreement, the school system receives 30% of the SSUT proceeds. This first disbursement was $166,586. Disbursements will continue quarterly as part of the agreement.

Statement from Dr. Shane Barnette: "I am thankful for a great partnership with the Cullman County Commission. Everybody wins when we all can work together to do what's best for our students and the citizens of Cullman County. The online sales tax (SSUT) that Cullman County Schools and the Cullman County Commission has agreed upon aligns with how our in-store sales tax is already divided. Cullman County Schools will use these funds along with other local funds to continue to upgrade our schools' facilities and improve the safety and security of our campuses. We all are blessed to live in a community in which we all can work together.

Statement from the Cullman County Commission: “Chairman Clemons along with the Cullman County Commission are proud to work with the Board of Education to promote a better opportunity for the students of Cullman County. We can accomplish a lot if we all work together. Our students are our future leaders. It is an honor and privilege to see the positive changes going on in our schools across Cullman County."